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How to Join the CBCDF

Ordinary Member

Rights of Ordinary members

  • The Rights of Ordinary members are as follows:
  • To benefit from funding for its development projects
  • To be issued Term Deposit Certificates

The Obligations of Ordinary members are as follows:

  • Register with a non-refundable fee of 10,000 francs
  • Must be active CBC institution
  • Contribute at least 0.25% annual budget of the institution into the CBCDF annually as an obligation,
  • Respect all the internal rules of the CBC and CBCDF;
  • Participate in all General Assembly meetings of the CBCDF with voting rights;
  • Read, understand, sign, collect and own a copy of the internal regulations and policy documents of the CBCDF.

Special Member

 Rights of special members

  • To receive back the sums deposited by due dates or upon request,
  • To receive annual interest on sums deposited
  • To be issued Term deposit certificate
  • To participate in General Assembly meetings of the CBCDF with voting rights.

The obligations of special members are as follows:

  • To register as a member with a non-refundable sum of 10,000 francs
  • Save at least one hundred thousand (100,000) francs for a fixed period of (1,.3,4,7years) into the CBCDF
  • Comply with all the rules of the CBC and CBCDF
  • Read, understand, sign, collect and own internal regulations pertaining to the category of the members.
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(3) Information

All CBC Institutions, that is, local churches, Departments,Ministries, Associations,Fields and other institutions to be decided upon by the General council must bemembers of the CBCDF.

  • There shall be two categories of Membership: ordinary and or special;
  • Ordinary members of the CBCDF are CBC local churches, Departments, Ministries, Fields, Associations, organs, and other CBC Institutions;
  • Special members are CBC Christians, Cooperating Missions bodies and partners;
  • All workers and committee members of the CBCDF must be special members,
    • Partners shall be Organisations willing to sponsor specific projects and or programs through the CBCDF,

(4) Termination

Membership in the CBCDF may be lost through

  • Withdrawal: Any member who wishes to withdraw their membership must request in writing to the Fund;
  • Explusion: Any member whose conduct is contrary to the policies and objectives of the CBCDF and who violates the internal regulations of the CBCDF may be expelled,
  • Other conditions and details of withdrawals/explulsion are to be outlined in the Policy documents of the CBCDF

Forms Necessary To Join the CBCDF

Church commitment form

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Pastors commitment form

Forms specially designed to ease the collection of the annual contributions should be made available to them. The money collected shall pass through the same channel where proportionate giving and designated dues are paid.

Personal commitement form

As a Christian, start contributing a % of your salary or income towards building the capital of the CBCDF and also take a term deposit. Donate now to the Development Fund.

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